The 3 ways we can help you with EMIR

The next EMIR deadline is here. Complying with EMIR, means among others:

  1. Having the Group Treasurer as a good project leader, knowledgeable on trading regulations and the group exposures, and organising/compiling updates on the regulation(s). This is real project management and continuous monitoring of the evolving obligations and actors.
  2. Adapt docs
    • Notify the top instances of the group (CFO, Compliance/Audit)
    • Adapt terms (ISDA, and other counterparty docs)
    • Request an LEI for each trading legal entity
  3. Organise the processing
    • Identify the trade repository and reconciliation routes, meaning…
    • Identify the solution to communicate your transactions to the trade registrar
    • Match UTIs with your internal IDs (until automatic inclusion of IDs in your systems in the future)
    • Perform this also for your backlog (an entire project)

Among these, FinMetrics can help you with the following:

  • Accompanying you in terms of project management, identifying potential loopholes and keeping you updated, to let you continue focusing on your day-to-day tasks with the mind-freeness you need.
  • Organise the transaction reporting filing in a way that does not require to revamp your whole TMS or depend on your TMS provider’s queuing list.
  • Provide you with a pragmatic solution for the “UTI-TMS id” match and organizing the backlog project, keeping in mind that the UTI will be automatically provided in the future through your transactional systems, once in “cruising-speed” mode.

Ask for a fruitful and reassuring discussion…