ATEL’s 5th Annual Risk Observatory Workshop by FinMetrics

ATELOn April 30th 2015, the ATEL (Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers) will hold its 5th annual Risk Observatory Workshop. The subject this year is “Financial Risk Management Update and Best Practices Reviewed”.

The agenda of the event is organised as follows:

  • finboardFirst part (12h15-13h30): Business lunch
    This first part aims at providing an update in the domain of treasury risk management on some key developments, notions and deadlines. More in particular:

    • A quick update on what’s new in the financial risk management landscape.
    • Implementing best practices in FX and IR risk monitoring: from risk appetite to dashboarding. Example of an Excel dash board. Typical cases.
  • Quick lunch  from 13h30 to 14h00.
  • Second part (14h-16h30): Seminar (Facultative)roadmap
    The second part aims at sharing knowledge and fundamental understanding on a key subject, in this case, important elements related to IFRS 13. There have been raging debates on CVA/DVA and more specifically the inclusion of FVA. We want to come back on these various notions, starting from the objective of IFRS rules, the fundamental principles behind derivatives and their valuation and the analysis of CVA/DVA/FVA (=XVA) requirements in front of them.

You can find more information and how to register at: