FinMetrics was created by three then PhD candidates, under the impulse of Prof. Rajna Gibson, in August 1998 at HEC Lausanne. Martin Bruand worked at that time on the modelling of term structures of interest rates and the valuation of complex mortgages. Hugues Pirotte was developing on structural credit risk models and Paolo Tamburini was finishing his PhD on portfolio management and performance analysis.

PSEASoon after finishing their PhDs, they moved to the incubator at the Parc Scientifique de l’EPFL in Lausanne.  After some advisory mandates, it became clear that there was a need for a simple application providing pricing, risk measures (mostly VaR at that time), and easy to use for managers, not necessarily pure quants. It started with an Excel Add-in because everyone works with Excel. But soon, the variety of cases, the need to gather data from different sources and the volumetry required us to build something more professionally sound.

FinBoard Banking was born in 2000. Thanks to the contribution of Charles-Henri Sabet, FinMetrics moved to Rue du Rhône 50 in Geneva to develop directly for a private bank and its trading room, acting as its risk management department. This allowed us to avoid developing in a laboratory Rhone50_smallfar from a real market experience. Then, we reached more clients. In 2003, a Treasury version was created for multinational group treasuries and we became more international. FinMetrics’ headquarters were moved back to the Lausanne region for practical reasons.

Morges vue du LacThe team kept growing ever since. Among them, Xavier Serret joined as a partner for the design and sustainability of the IT architecture and is our Head of ICT today. The strength of FinBoard relies on its “component approach” and the use of our advisory experience to propose real day-to-day workflows instead of just a “mecano” of functions and disconnected business intelligence.

Advisory developed also, coaching managers on IFRS (7,9,13), Basle, EMIR,…, acting as experts to courts of Justice, researching, prototyping dashboards and de-dramatizing the concepts to turn them into managerial outputs.

In 2010, OpFunds was launched for funds of hedge funds, given their need to reliably monitor their activity (transactional and hedging), the performance and its composition for all the classes and series, and the gaps between the ongoing valuation and that of the administrator.

FinMetrics is today proud to count on an Advisory Board composed of renowned practitioners with a long experience in the various sectors covered: private banking, commercial banking, funds of hedge funds, corporate treasuries, insurance and reinsurance companies, pension funds…