The FinBOARD approach

Business-wise, FinBOARD is a flexible and light layer that comes on top of the mid/back-office system to:

  1. Provide a more managerial access to crucial information,
  2. completed with other sources that might not be present in the main system (forecasts, trial deals, intraday deals, real-time information, etc..),
  3. …and provide financial productivity through different “workflows”  involving valuation (library covering any financial product), risk measurement, sensitivity analysis, reporting,  exports to any format, alerts, and pre-trade generation.

Architecture_fit FinBoard was designed and developed together with our clients to bring the most pragmatic way to assure the right follow-up and scrutiny without unnecessarily loading the business functions with too many operational requests that would preclude them to focus their time on using the information rather than gathering it.