FinBoard adds the flexible analytics layer you need on top of your main system(s) to quickly respond to any reporting, dashboarding and regulatory needs.Banking KPIs

Implemented in record times, efficient and easy to use, it puts to work your existing data without any integration or data reconciliation issues. It is the perfect add-on for banking executives to assure fluid monitoring, improve productivity, respond quickly to new needs whilst making your existing IT architecture more perennial.

While back/mid-office systems help the bank to track its transaction history, FinBoard is designed for forward-looking analysis to take more accurate and timely financial decisions for the benefit of your clients and your institution.

FinBoard is fully KPI oriented. Users always start from a fully top-down KPI view, customised to their particular business functions. KPIs can be created for any parameter and/or complex calculation you may require, and full historic dashboards crossing multiple KPIs are also produced.   Nevertheless, FinBoard keeps complete transparency and allows for in-depth multi-creteria drill-downs until the last cash-flow components and MTMs.

Simulate new strategies, price any product, including structured products, test potential market environments, complement the reports of your most dynamic clients, be mind-free on any risk report required by audit and compliance, and much more…

FinBoard Banking 300pxWith FinBoard Banking in a Nutshell :

  • Monitor collateralized loans (Credit Lombard) and counterparty exposures vs. limits on an intraday basis and retrospectively
  • Inform portfolio managers on their trading capacity
  • Stress test the Nostro or client portfolios against market shocks and model portfolios
  • Calculate value-at-risk and report on its evolution
  • Produce specific reporting for clients, including advanced risk measures
  • Price OTC derivatives and return prices to the back-office system
  • Produce Asset Liability Management (ALM) views
  • Calculate current and projected Liquidity Coverage Ratios (LCR)
  • and much more…

These are only some
of our functions and advantages.
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