FinBoard Treasury 300px3 realities multinational corporate treasuries are typically confronted with…

  • Data complexity
    • Potentially multiple data sources…
    • …with sound but heavy/static back/mid-office system(s)…
    • …hardly used for decision-making and strategy simulations…
    • …not necessarily suited for quick checks/visuals/scenarios without expert knowledge on the system.
  • Evolutive regulation
    • IFRS fair valuation including MtM but also CVA, DVA,… that require corporate treasuries to provide their own valuations and assessments
    • IFRS hedge effectiveness testing
    • EMIR new trade reporting requirements
  • …And a lot of money and resources devoted to compliance without any real managerial impact.


  • Data collection time: multiple sources and configurations
  • Many manual processes based on extracts
  • Lack of simultaneity
  • Lack of easy reproducibility of data/numbers
  • Lack of easy identification of loopholes
  • Complexity of the visibility for non-averted users

Side effects

  • Time and efforts of smart managers diverted
  • Complexity upstream translates into complexity downstream
  • Difficulties to react to new regulations
  • Difficulties to implement new ideas

 With FinBoard Treasury….

…get full scrutiny and mindfree effortless awareness. From your own dashboard representing Architectureyour daily, weekly or monthly workflows, you can drill-down into any data, create scenarios, be warned about gaps between your risk policy and the current situation, ask to list the necessary transactions to be performed to be in line with the risk policy, create instantaneous official reports for your compliance and auditors, originating from the same numbers, work in teams around the dashboard, have your results in Excel at anytime in 1-click, timely respond to any stress-test of a new regulation or rule, and have financial experts at your side to accompany you in case needed.


  • Monitor the FX hedging policy in real time and generate pre-orders accordingly
  • Value and stress-test any type of derivative instrument in your portfolio
  • Perform custom hedge effectiveness tests
  • Integrate fluid CVA, DVA, FVA calculations and reports
  • Monitor counterparty exposures vs limits on an intraday basis
  • Produce ALM reports including cost of debt, duration and stress tests
  • Be ready and in charge for EMIR UTI reconcilation issues, instead of being handcuffed to your financial intermediary for a purely administrative goodie
  • and much more…

These are only some
of our functions and advantages.
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