Financial IT intelligence with an advisor…

At FinMetrics, we believe that a tool, an application, a system, is simply a pragmatic instrument to accomplish a dedicated task, process or workflow in an efficient and productive way, and rapidly. But our key added value is to provide our clients with a real accompaniment, from the translation and interpretation of requirements in a pragmatic and rapidly deployed solution, would it be Excel or one of our professional solutions. We care about change management and the sensitivity that some processes require throughout an organisation. We accompany our clients when meeting auditors and authorities with the resulting framework. We also keep a Market and Regulation Observatory open for our clients at all times to anticipate and adapt quickly and timely to forthcoming changes. Having the right partner is the best cost-and-result-effective solution.
Given our independence and expertise, we provide regular advisory to Courts, Law Firms, Tax Advisors, Wealth Managers,… in Europe, Middle East, Asia, America and Africa, on valuation and risk management related subjects. Discover our three main orientations here below.


Advisory & Training

FinMetrics’ team is made of financial and IT engineers, combining their strengths together for the last 16 years, to digest the ever-evolving regulation, analyse situations, accompany managers, provide independent expertise to courts, law firms, group treasuries, private banks,… and providing pragmatic custom-made solutions when required for a quick result. Discover more about some of our use-cases here.



FinBoard is the perfect financial dashboarding layer you can put on top of your existing system(s) to quickly respond to new regulatory and managerial needs whilst making your existing system more perenne and keeping it as steady as before.
FinBoard is so business-oriented that it is used during executive and client meetings to stress-test scenarios live.
Discover our two platforms: FinBoard Banking and FinBoard Treasury.



Specially designed for funds of hedge funds (FoHFs), OpFunds brings a very ergonomic platform on which to administrate your FoHF, follow-up transactions, tranching and versioning, verify NAVs, streamline and follow your FX hedging policy, allow analysts to remotely connect and feed the knowledge platform. Definitely more robust than a multitude of Excel spreadsheets but giving you back the full independence to manipulate results back into Excel.