Thalia Invest

OpFunds is a tailor-made solution developed by FinMetrics and customized for the shadow accounting of funds of hedge funds at Thalìa. OpFunds allows for a day-to-day management of the portfolios of hedge funds, including the update of prices of underlying target hedges funds, monthly NAV reconciliation, performance estimates of the managed portfolios, cash in/outflow estimates… Read More

Gregor Schwinning, Head of Fuel and Co2 Management, Cargolux

At Cargolux Airlines International S.A. in Luxembourg, we use FinBoard Treasury to manage our fuel price risk, fuel being by far the biggest cost factor for an airline. FinMetrics developed a tailor-made solution for us which, during the 5 years we have been using it, has proven its reliability and precision.  FinBoard’s user-friendly interfaces support… Read More


FinBoard Treasury is used for IR, FX and Commodity hedging. It reprices instruments, follows-up strategies, produces hedge efficiency reports and what-if scenarios, integrates our policy and monitors it. Its dashboard is used as a day-to-day cockpit and each manager has its own depending on the underlying risk being managed or the function performed.

Banque CIM

For Banque CIM, FinMetrics was the perfect partner for a quick answer to the need of reporting on the nostro portfolio. Thanks to the rapid deployment of FinBoard Banking in the particular case of risk monitoring of the nostro portfolio, FinMetrics was also able to bring forward a better risk awareness by the executive board… Read More

Tradition (Lausanne)

For Tradition (Lausanne, Switzerland), FinMetrics provided advice on implementing counterparty risk monitoring and choosing the operational risk solution best suited to their needs. FinMetrics collaborated to define the requirements in matters of operational and counterparty risk management. For the latter, FinMetrics deployed a complete dashboard solution with KRIs.

Elsevier Finance SA

For Elsevier Finance, FinMetrics has actively participated in the process of designing hedge effectiveness reports with auditors and rapidly implementing those requirements in the dashboard. FinBoard Treasury is an ALM dashboard that allows us to daily screen our exposures, define overlays, preorder trades and examine the strategic hedging allocation in our portfolio while stress-testing the… Read More

Banque Audi (Suisse) SA

For Banque Audi (Suisse) SA, FinBoard Banking is a complete collateral screening & stress-testing dashboard used by compliance officers, traders and customer-relationship managers. FinMetrics participates regularly in reflections on risk governance around the activities of the bank. FinBoard Banking has allowed us to be more flexible and increase our trading activity due to a better… Read More