OpFunds is a tailor-made solution developed by FinMetrics and customized for the shadow accounting of funds of hedge funds at Thalìa. OpFunds allows for a day-to-day management of the portfolios of hedge funds, including the update of prices of underlying target hedges funds, monthly NAV reconciliation, performance estimates of the managed portfolios, cash in/outflow estimates and it represents a comprehensive tool for data storage, portfolio analysis and reporting.
Thalìa and FinMetrics cooperated on this project, Thalìa by contributing with its know-how in alternative investments management and FinMetrics with its financial engineering and sound implementation capabilities. OpFunds has become the central system for Thalìa’s portfolio management and it is currently actively used by all professionals in the company. Thalìa has been using OpFunds since 2011 and the system has been constantly updated with new features and functionalities.

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