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Our financial and IT engineers, combining their strengths together for the last 16 years,  digest the ever-evolving regulation, analyse situations, accompany managers, provide independent expertise to courts, law firms, group treasuries, private banks,…Discover more about some of our use-cases here.


True advisors don’t rest on their knowledge to sell it recurrently to their clients. Elevating our clients means sharing a continuously evolving knowledge. We don’t mind about telling you how we do things because we will be telling you tomorrow how to do others. See some use-cases here.


FinBoard is the perfect financial dashboarding layer you can put on top of your existing system(s) to quickly respond to new regulatory and managerial needs whilst making your existing system more perenne and keeping it as steady as before.
FinBoard is so business-oriented that it is used during executive and client meetings to stress-test scenarios live.
Discover our two platforms: FinBoard Banking and FinBoard Treasury.

Financial Modelling on Excel

Somebody said once: whatever cannot be shown in Excel is probably too complex to be of any use. Everybody uses Excel. Do you want to better use it and be able to use its full performance? Do you want your team to share a common best practice to insure sustainability of your applications and workflow, independently from who made it? Check it here


Specially designed for funds of hedge funds (FoHFs), OpFunds brings a very ergonomic platform on which to administrate your FoHF, follow-up transactions, tranching and versioning, verify NAVs, streamline and follow your FX hedging policy, allow analysts to remotely connect and feed the knowledge platform. Definitely more robust than a multitude of Excel spreadsheets but giving you back the full independence to manipulate results back into Excel.

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On April 30th 2015, the ATEL (Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers) will hold its 5th annual Risk Observatory Workshop. The subject this year is “Financial Risk Management Update and Best Practices Reviewed”. The agenda of the event is organised as follows: First part (12h15-13h30): Business lunch This first part aims at providing an update in… Read More

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This Thursday October 2nd, corporate treasurers from Luxembourg but also from neighbor countries will be gathering to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers (ATEL). The agenda includes a series of workshops with Amundi, Fitch, Ernst & Young, Reval & FinMetrics, a cocktail tracing back the evolution of the group… Read More

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If you are still struggling with EMIR technical issues, FinMetrics can provide you with a pragmatic, quick, easy to deploy and inexpensive solution. For instance, we have recently helped clients to map the UTIs (unique trade identifiers) of their banking counterparts with the ones of their own TMS or back-office at short notice, in time… Read More

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The next EMIR deadline is here. Complying with EMIR, means among others: Having the Group Treasurer as a good project leader, knowledgeable on trading regulations and the group exposures, and organising/compiling updates on the regulation(s). This is real project management and continuous monitoring of the evolving obligations and actors. Adapt docs Notify the top instances… Read More

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Don’t miss the first edition 2014 of the ATEL magazine! Excerpt from the Risk Observatory this quarter: Back to our role in the society… In our last edition, we stressed the point of view that there is a growing need to make sure to be heard by politicians on how to examine and judge financial… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

OpFunds is a tailor-made solution developed by FinMetrics and customized for the shadow accounting of funds of hedge funds at Thalìa. OpFunds allows for a day-to-day management of the portfolios of hedge funds, including the update of prices of underlying target hedges funds, monthly NAV reconciliation, performance estimates of the managed portfolios, cash in/outflow estimates and it represents a comprehensive tool for data storage, portfolio analysis and reporting.
Thalìa and FinMetrics cooperated on this project, Thalìa by contributing with its know-how in alternative investments management and FinMetrics with its financial engineering and sound implementation capabilities. OpFunds has become the central system for Thalìa’s portfolio management and it is currently actively used by all professionals in the company. Thalìa has been using OpFunds since 2011 and the system has been constantly updated with new features and functionalities.

For Elsevier Finance, FinMetrics has actively participated in the process of designing hedge effectiveness reports with auditors and rapidly implementing those requirements in the dashboard.

FinBoard Treasury is an ALM dashboard that allows us to
daily screen our exposures, define overlays, preorder trades and examine the strategic hedging allocation in our portfolio while stress-testing the impact of changes in interest-rate costs. It produces automatically our IAS39/IFRS9 hedge effectiveness reports, and compute the P/L impact.

For Tradition (Lausanne, Switzerland), FinMetrics provided advice on implementing counterparty risk monitoring and choosing the operational risk solution best suited to their needs. FinMetrics collaborated to define the requirements in matters of operational and counterparty risk management. For the latter, FinMetrics deployed a complete dashboard solution with KRIs.

FinBoard Treasury is used for IR, FX and Commodity hedging. It reprices instruments, follows-up strategies, produces hedge efficiency reports and what-if scenarios, integrates our policy and monitors it. Its dashboard is used as a day-to-day cockpit and each manager has its own depending on the underlying risk being managed or the function performed.